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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Peter Bauhuis & Andi Gut @ Galerie Biro

Peter Bauhuis and Andi Gut 
(vessels and dishes)

Thursday, 12 September 2013

13 September to 19 October 2013

Galerie Biró
Zieblandstrasse 19
80799 Muenchen

All jewellery sends signals out to the world – information about the material used, the choice the wearer made in selecting the piece. But perhaps jewellery can receive information too? What if it was a mode of telecommunication? Like parabolic dishes or antennas filtering electromagnetic signals? What messages would be filtered from the white noise of contemporary life? And what would the wearer learn from the information coming through? All jewellery sends signals out to the world.

Andi Gut‘s dishes are a collection of large necklaces from nylon and metal. The title refers to those formal analogies as well as to the origin of the recycled metals he uses.

Peter Bauhuis exhibits 23 bowls, also titled dishes; they appear to look into the world. The outcome of a series of ‘experiments’ in which different metal alloys are simultanously cast within one mould.
His orifice brooches, rings and chains are staring at us like curious beings, aren‘t they receiving our reactions as well?

The exhibition includes another new collaborative necklace by Andi and Peter.