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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Peter Bauhuis @ Archäologische Staatssammlung

Peter Bauhuis is curating this special exhibition in the State's Archaeological Collection.
March 16 - May 5 2011

"...some 80 pieces of jewelry made of an off-white metal, some of remarkable size and in very good condition. Iron Age origins seemed likely, even if the sizable dimensions and weight lend some of the artifacts a contemporary look and feel. The material puzzled the scientists. The objects were made of gallium. This metal melts at a temperature of just under 30 degrees centigrade. The jewelry had surely never been worn. What purpose did it serve then? ..."

The Gallium Treasure of Obertraun

Presented by Peter Bauhuis and The Institute of Newer Archaeology

Bavarian State Archaeological Collection

Lerchenfeldstraße 2, 80538 München, Tel. 089 21124-02,

16. 3. 2011 - 8. 5. 2011, Tue – Sun: 9.30 – 17.00 h